Choose Between Yoyos

This poll will help in the choosing of my next yoyo.

Anything but the Metal Zero. If you’re going in that price range, get a YYJ. Unless you want a metal yoyo just so you can say you have a metal yoyo. But then when you say you have a metal yoyo and people ask you what kind it is and you say it’s a Metal Zero, people will be like, why didn’t you just get a YYJ?

Out of those options, I would personally choose the Gnarwhal.

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I agree there, most yyj’s outplay metal zero’s any day of the week.
But when it gets up there between the 888, B.V.M., and the Gnarwal,
I’ll have to go with the Gnarwal.
It’s just an all around great player.

I’m gonna have to go with gnarwhal such a smooth yoyo