Which One?

I got 200 dollars. which yoyofactory yoyo should I buy? (price does not matter)

888 or g5

(sighs) what are your preferences yoyoyianni.

Just answer these questions

What size do you prefer? big/small/medium
what shape do you prefer? round butterfly, flat rimm butterfly, H-shape butterfly, etc, etc.
what weight do you prefer? Heavy, light, medium
Does color matter?
what response system do you prefer? O-ring, silicon, friction sticker, etc, etc.
what tricks do you like to do? fast, smooth, grinds, slacks, etc, etc.
do you like floaty yoyos?

If you answer these questions, it will be WAY easier for us to help you get a yoyo you would love.

BB, please don’t suggest yoyos unless you know his preferences!!!

well those play the best (my opinion) so i think he should get one of them and he didint give any preference

Yes but it’s not all based on play, even if the G5 was the best playing yoyo ever, if he didn’t like the shape he wouldn’t want to play it as much.

I heard good stuff about the Gnarwhal.

:o :o :o

me to :o :o :o

I would go and buy a bunch of plastics to see what yoyo’s like. For example, get a pgm, a protostar, a legacy, mabey even some loop 900’s. Why blow it all on one yoyo, when you could get like five or more.

But he wants a Yoyofactory yoyo
:o :o :o

Just a thought if you have big hands like mine the G5 might feel kind of funny. (Just a thought.)

I think mr. Obvious just got fandangled.

I think that post was my fifth in the “Jonas posts yoyos from other brands when people make threads where they state that they want a yoyo from a set brand” series.

Why is this here?

beats me. Heck Maybe I did it. lol