need help with looping

Hello guys i need help with looping and hears my problem: i have the whole motion down like the yoyo is inside my arm when i loop but my yoyo then starts to come out of position and then it gets messed up. I’m not sure if my yoyo is causing the problem because right now i am using a duncan pulse. Also i am new to 2a. I NEED HELP.

Pulses are OK. If there is a problem with them, it is their chronic unresponsiveness, not their flip during a loop.

Try a shorter string maybe. Or do it slower.

Have you read “Sean’s Guide to Looping”? Copy-and-paste contents of quotation marks into Google, it’s the first hit. I PROMISE you it will help. More than me, at least.


well when the yoyo comes out of position it could be because you are throwing your yoyo too straight. try to put it on a little bit of an angle. i like a little bit less than a 45 degree on mine. i hope this helps