Need help with longboarding

I am new to longboarding and so far loving it but how do u stop when u r going downhill??
i know can slide but is there any other way?

Footbrake, bail, ride it to a stop, open a parachute, hit a car.

First off when i meant downhill i meant really steep downhill footbrake is not going too work ( or is it) if i bail i most likely going to faceplant and where am i going to find a parachute? I need to know if sliding is the only goood way to stop cuz i pretty much live close to the mountains and going down to the park is really hard since i have to go down a steep hill at a fast speed and i need to stop and if keep riding it out i probably will keep going until i get ran over b a car

you need board gloves for that kind of hill work…and yes slide to a stop…bailing=broken collar bone…I found out the hard way…

If my post didnt end up here, I dont want to know where it went :frowning:

Well thanks guys looks like im getting gloves :slight_smile:

Carving will slow you down considerably, slide gloves are important as slides will decrease your momentum quite a bit. Other than that you bail or ride.