I built a longboard!

Here it is, my first handmade longboard! I’m pretty new to the scene of longboards but I wanted to create a unique shape. What do you think?

I haven’t taken any pictures of the complete board with the hardware installed yet, I might later.

Very nice! How does it ride? I do a bit of longboarding myself.

Looks pretty sweet!

Looks really nice! Now I would recommend one last thing. Get Icthus to put a couple of pulse jets on that thing! You’ll be the fastest dude in town, hands down! Oh… you might want to buckle your feet to that board.

Seriouslly, I think it’s awesome when people make their own stuff and that looks like it turned out very nicely. Well done!

I only got to ride it once since now it is at a county fair on display, but it is very springy and flexible due to it being made of baltic birch, and it’s pretty high above the ground because I pressed it to be convex (see second pic). I don’t think I’ll be able to do any sliding anytime soon. Or, learn how to.

Thanks! I know you were just kidding about the pulse jets, but that would be pretty cool and look nice if I actually did. Maybe I’ll see what Icthus has got… :wink:

Sweet board dude?!! What kind of wood did you use?

It’s made of baltic birch.

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That looks really good.

Looks awesome man! Very well done. I longboard myself. What wheels are you using?

You can learn to slide man. Just commit and practice a lot. You’ll get it. Anyone can.

The wheels I picked up at a local skate shop for pretty cheap, there is no brand name anywhere on them so I have no idea what they’re called. (Probably not a popular brand). And I’ll practice sliding sometime, because it is an important technique, and one of the only ways to stop!

Yes. It is important, not just a cool trick but a functional one at that. Maybe pick up some Abec11 Centerset Freerides or otang stimulus wheels. Your wheels are probably more than capable of sliding though.