Need help with 4a yoyo trick sens poppin

I can’t figure out how to do sens poppin but I can do boingy boing but the first Pop the string gets wrapped around the yoyo can’t anyone help and I have also have looked at the one Ben Conde posted on YouTube

It’s similar to the 1A trick popnfresh. If you can do 4a boing boing this one should be easy. When you do the first boing your switching your hands. Your non throw hand comes back and your throw hand goes forward. Just like popnfresh you want to move your hands straight. Non throw hand on top of your throw hand. If you can watch the Ben Conde video in slow motion. When the yoyo is at its highest point you move your hands that’s what helps bring the yoyo down and land on the bottom string. Hope this helps and keep practicing you’ll get it.

Any luck getting the trick down?

Kind of not really

When you pop you are going to move you nonthrow hand above your throw hand for both pops