Need Help Pretty Bad!

Okay, so this is either a serious problem or something common that can be fixed easily. I haven’t been on these forums in a while and I haven’t yoyoed seriously in an even longer time. This is because when I get a new yoyo, with in three days it will start to get louder and more responsive. It becomes inconsistent and eventually hardly works at all. I’ve had a superstar and bassalope do this to me and those combined is too much money for what I am getting out of the yoyos. Does anyone know what is wrong, and how to prevent it?

store your yo-yos in a dry place and avoid rapid temperature changes.

I would try cleaning your bearings. That’s probably the problem not the yoyo. You can do this with mineral spirits or lube.

nope. lighter fluid. thin lube will break down thick lube, but if there is no thick lube, it will only make this problem worse. lighter fluid will clean everything, same as paint thinner.

So should i clean the bearing as often as I can even when its working fine just to prevent the problem?

You shouldnt have to clean your bearings often at all, just a tiny drop of thin lube everynow and again should be enough. I might clean my bearing mabey once every couple of months and lube them up then and I have never had any problems with any of my bearings.
On a side note when storing your yoyos keep them is a nice dry cool place.

did you silicone it??? that might be the problem because it could rip a tiny part of it of and it rubs agenst the string making it responsive.that or your string gets a little fuzzy and some fuzz gets in the beaing.also it might be the bearing breaking in. i hope this helps :wink: