I need major help fast!

hello all the only reason i made an account is because i just ordered a yoyo factory genesis today and for some reason it is responsive like if i try to do brent stole it shoots back to my hand and hurts my knuckls it even happens if i try a normal laceration and even if i just pull the yoyo up. iv tried everything from using different respons to cleaning my bearing i even tried playing it dry and it is still responsive? what is wrong? do i need to ask for a replacement? it is so bad im afraid to play with it! pleas help me asap!

when you first get a yoyo you have to break in the bearing…

its true, most yoyos have to break in the bearing and it becomes responsive. if you keep playing with it it should fix itself. you can try putting a different bearing in there if you have one

O.K. Calm down there bro’. It happens to literally everyone.

Are you cleaning your bearing correctly? Make sure after you clean your bearing, that it’s dry. If the solvent is still in the bearing, it could cause responsivness. You could let it break in by playing it a lot or doing mulitiple Gyro Flops.

Is there any debris on the bearing seat? If you seem unsure, clean it in case. Put some of the solvent you use cleaning your bearing on a Q-Tip. Apply on the bearing seat, you might need to use a pin or toothpick to get debris out of the gaps.

How is the response? Wearing out? If it is, some silicone bits may get in the bearing. Clean the bearing.

There are Q-tip-type things I use for cleaning expensive tape heads and tape paths(thing way beyond cassettes) and other sensitive audio equipment. I would recommend using these instead of regular “home use” Q-Tips because you won’t get fibers getting into your bearing by accident. They do require a bit of extra work. Electronics suppliers carry them, as well as specialty stores and photo shops. Mail order might be best. If someone PM’s me to remind me about this, I can go find what I use and post it.

Right now, I’m turning in. I am preparing for a 24 hour grind for a show with 4 bands.

Keep doing gyroscopic flops. This is because you pull the bearing, it will break in faster