Need help picking




adegle all the way.
I like yyf but the hubstacks can be a nuisance and are boring after a day.


Beginner- unresponsive go with the Rally or Surge

Looking for a good metal rec rev Sine//Saw so good and the price is nice too. One drop chik is nice price isn’t bad.

If u r willing to pay CLYW and other onedrops are my two favorites right now. I Suggest the Summit nice throw made by both and isn’t crazy expensive


Well that escalated quickly. It looks like he’s only looking to drop 20-30 dollars lol.


So if you actually read the post, out of the 3 paragraphs, you said rally/surge. Those aren’t bad options.
lol, proyoyo, where can I find a mint CLYW for $25?
Lol, po


if you do find those prices please pm me the link they will be sold out rather quickly


Z stacks don’t fit in a PGM.


Aahahah sorry I didn’t see he was only looking in 25-30… Im on my phone. We Surge is really good




For a budget unresponsive yoyo, MagicYo N12 all the way.