Need help picking out a long-term yo-yo!

So I used to yo-yo around a lot with average, practically brand-less yo-yo’s. But now I haven’t been following the yo-yo scene for a rather long while. Back when I was, my ideal favourites were Legacy II and Dark Magic II. Now I see a new yo-yo, Trinity and also Legacy III.

So out of these three options Legacy III, Dark Magic II and Trinity which would you recommend, have anything to comment about them or maybe you think I should take a look at some other brands? :slight_smile:

Check out:

YoyoFactory Shutter, TooHot, Horizon, CZM8
Duncan Torque
YoyoOfficer Orbis, Kilter, etc.
Whimsy Roar
And all of the OneDrop Benchmark series.

The throws you listed are a bit outdated but still classics. These I mentioned will greatly outperform them, however.

Take a look! You’ll be happy with any (I recommend the Torque or the benchmark series (which come with side effects–you’ll never be afraid of stripping a yoyo again)

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This. I also recommend the Torque, but you can never go wrong with a One Drop.

You’ve listed off 3 yoyos with very outdated designs. If you want to stick with an andre signature the Hex would be your best bet but you’d be overpaying a good amount in my opinion.

If you want plastic get a diffusion 2. It has a low wall unlike the ones you’ve listed and an almost oversize shape which is fairly stable.

if you want metal get a Too hot. The specs and low wall make it perform great and the bell shape provides lots of stability while still being comfy in the hand.

If you still want a metal rimmed yoyojam the only one I’d consider is the revival.

At a budget that won’t kill you, my recommendations recently are the YoyoFactory TooHOT and for a leeeetle bit more, the Yoyofficer Nifty.

TooHOT is an incredible all-arounder that does pretty much everything, at the right weight, and at the right price. The Nifty is also an all-arounder, but leaning more towards that “lightweight and fun” side of things compare to the slightly more serious TooHOT.

(all things relative, of course… TooHOT isn’t “serious”… they’re all toys, and toys are fun!)

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Well, of the three you mentioned, I would say Dark Magic II. But, for around the same price, you can get a Shutter which is the best yoyo under $80.