Need help on strings .

I own a YoYoSkeel’s Satisfaction and also Alpha Crash , until now I still dont know what type of string should I use …

There are mannnyyy types of strings that you could use. It kind of depends on your skill level. If you’re a beginner/intermediate/expert (any of those) standard yoyofactory, Kitty String (normal, fat, etc) or YoyoExpert poly string will work for any skill level. Remember, if you’re still pretty beginner status, like maybe you JUST started unresponsive or something, buying an expert loved string is just extra money spent. You’re most likely going to burn through it pretty fast, so I suggest buying some of the above mentioned strings in bulk.

It also depends what types of tricks you like to do and/or are wanting to learn. Whips slacks etc, I strongly recommend looking into some YoYoStringLab Ammo. I’ve heard good things about Toxic Strings, but alas, I’ve never had the pleasure of trying any of them. Also check out YYSL Type X. I haven’t tried it as much as Ammo, but it’s a bit thinner, so you’ll need to figure out which you prefer.

Now then, it brings me to the last part. Preference and what you want. Do you want vivid colors? Thick or thin? Poly or nylon? That’s all down to your preferences. Look into the yoyo string section on the yye store. See what looks good.

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Hmmm … I’m a beginner and the main thing is I dont have a Paypal account , and also I live in Malaysia … So I could only buy things from 28spin (as far as I know this shop accept MYR via banking) So I could only buy Kitty Strings … And I wanted to learn Finger spin

Kitty string is great!

well, lucky for you, Kitty String is excellent! It suits players with all different styles and skill levels. It handles all my tricks, including whips, lasts a while, and it comes in a wide range of beautiful colors. Can’t recommend it enough. :slight_smile:

Im guessing your somewhat new to unresponsive 1a play so I suggest getting something cheap… I highly suggest getting some JAMS yoyo string… They play great, whip well, hold tension very well, are super durable and are very cheap. JAMS are on par with kitty string if not better… I recommend getting 100 strings, only $14.50, over $1 cheaper than kitty but plays just as good if not better… And its better to just buy a bunch now so you wont have to get more for a really long time.I dont think its not necessary to get those expensive super high quality strings quite yet… You can make a post asking to buy strings in the link below in my signature :slight_smile:

Jams and Kitty are my favorite strings so far. Kitty is nice for a while, but when the string gets old, it seems to shrink and get thinner, so it slips binds. Jams has unworldly softness, it never hurts. It binds pretty well, and after 4 days it seems to have gotten fuzzier, but still behaves the same as day 1.