Need help on choosing high end metal yoyos!

hmm, ok i have a budget of USD$130 and im getting my first high end metal yoyo…
pls give ur views on the following yoyos :slight_smile:
-Project 2
-wooly marmot

my preference are:
-large sized/medium sized
-weight doesnt really matter
-C or H shaped butterfly
-most importantly the yoyo must be super smooooooth :smiley:

Arigato :slight_smile:

You’d really go for the DNA considering your preferences, it’s a relatively basic yoyo all around and a good metal to go for. The simple design makes it likable by just about everyone and performance is also a high factor.

I would say G5, DNA, or Superstar. G5 and Superstar are similar, DNA is more rounded and not really H-shape. The Superstar is about .09 inches wider and 4 grams heavier than the G5.

How about YYF’s SEVERE

you know… i’m not sure if it fits your needs or style… but i’ve heard some good things about this ‘flying v’…
and what do you know… they’ve got… ONE LEFT!!

just sayin’… :wink:

I have a 2009 ILYY Wasabi, which is great and in your price range ut If you can get a few more $ look into the Hspin H2O. They have a few left right here.

I would go for a Marmot, M1, P2 ;D

Ed, you are officially made of WIN.

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DNA for your preferences.

get a superstar man, its the first high end metal I ever got, and its my favorite. It’s super smooth, you will love it. There is a reason so many people have won worlds with it…

Also, yeah, I would say go with the dna except for what yoda says:

“in the superstar, your favorite shape you will find”

not to mention those black andos and kentaros are gooorgeous. i don’t think i’ll ever stop getting compliments on my kentaro.

Either the DNA, or the SuperStar will fit pretty well for you.

I would say superstar

thanks guys i juz ordered a DNA :wink: