Need help in finding a yoyo for my specific needs


Hi there,

I’m looking to master the first 50 tricks (on another site) to to help me to teach beginners learn to yoyo in a more developmental fashion. I’ve learned many of them before, but I just keep forgetting them because I don’t perform them often enough.

I need some advice on a yoyo suitable for the responsive yoyoing in them, but I need it to fit my criteria:

 -Small bearing - not half spec C

 -Response pads - I want these so that I can use poly strings, not cotton.

 -High walls so that looping is still effective.

 -Needs to be able to sleep easily without sudden returning, but also needs to be returned easily.


 -Good quality.

Thanks in advance.


How about the YYF Velocity?




Try the Duncan Dragonfly, Spintastics Tiger Shark or the Basecamp Moonshine(possibly best Yoyo ever) all though it has a large half spec bearing, if you maintain it the moonshine will play responsive awesomely.


I also think Velocity, but how about Freehand 2, or Freehand Zero? FAST 201…




Sherpa is metal, and has a C bearing…


FHZ is probably your best bet unless you want to go with a looping yo-yo.