Need help for boing boing, regenerations, and another question...

Hi guys, a few questions…

First, for boing boing, is the motion purely an up-down one, or is there also a front-back swing to it?

Second, how do you do regenerations for 1A? the kind that the swing over the hand and shoot it out again for a renewed spin? videos for this would be appreciated!

Lastly, in this video…

from around 1:08 to 1:09, when he does that extra swing around his left hand, which side does the string swing on? Is it the side of the string nearer to the arm, or on the side nearer to the fingertips?

Thanks alot!

Aside from the videos here, I don’t have any additional ones.

For Boing-e-Boing, its pretty much just up and down. Doing a few barrel rolls will help you get into it.

For regeneration, can you do it with a responsive yo-yo? It’s the same, just after you bind.

hey thanks for replying. for the regens, when’s the best timing? never really done them successfully so i’d like to know. as for the question about the video… any ideas?

like 2-3 inches before you catch it

For the boingy boing…
See if these picturess help you to understand how the updown motion works. If you don’t wanna use momentum, start the boinging at a slight angle.

Also, which part of the video are you talking about?

oops i forgot to state. i’ve edited the original post, thanks!

Thats how you do it. Its on the inner side of your arm.

hey… that was useful! but i was actually referring to the extra swing when he goes into the split bottom mount!

thanks guys you’ve been really helpful so far

Oh, the split bottom mount.

Basically, you take your hand and put it like you’re going into a bottom mount. You let the yoyo swing around, but don’t catch it with your throwhand index finger. So it just goes all the way around, in between your left hand and the string connected. Then, you will have a wrap, you just curl your index finger in to get rid of it. Then, you do a split bottom mount.

Just practice to get the action smooth. I’ll see if I can get a video.

thanks alot! really helpful clarifications :smiley:

Okay I’m editing the vid now.
Low quality + weird looking person warning O0
EDIT: Here it is.

P.S. Watch the last scene. I pwn my camera.

thanks! LOL the boing boing pwns camera LOL

Lmreo, did you do that on purpose or where you just trying to get close?

Lol I did it on purpose, just for the fun of it :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

for boing e i like nto do a sideways motion to start out and then a up and down