Need help finding out a next trick to learn (1A Question)

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I am completely new to yoyoing, and I guess I’m pretty much the only one that does it in my country . . . That’s a lot to say . . . But well anyways, I’d love to know what trick I should learn after I learn boingy boing. I already know a couple of tricks besides the somewhat errm . . . retarded ones (No disrespect intended) like walk the dog, cradle the baby, bikini etc. I know suicide, double or nothing and boingy boing =))))! What would you guys recommend me to learn so that I can smooth in into the more complicated 1A tricks?!

Again, I am completely new to this world, and just wish to expand my knowledge in a more suitable way or whatever! So I’d appreciate the help =)! Btw, I also put some options in the little option bars, but I’d still apreciate your own personal guess and why’s if possible.

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Man . . . I don’t even know if I’m posting a forum haha, anyways, here goes something ._.
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Boingy-boing is a much harder trick than something like Ripcord. :wink: Learn ripcord in a few spare moments between practicing boingy boing.

Ninja Vanish is really fun especially when you first learn it. You start landing it and feel like it’s black magic. :wink:

Yeah, I saw rip cord and it seems very easy to pull off. And feels like black magic hu? hahaha Well that actually sounds pretty cool xD I guess I’ll put rip cord on my top priorities since I can learn it between practice. Ninja vanish just seems sweet. Thanks lots for the advice!


P.S, is boingy boing really that hard for some people?

I got it within a few weeks. But there are those who take months to finally “get” the rhythm of it.

Aaa I see ._. Has to be the rythm issue I suppose.

I’ve been playing for about 8 years and I still can’t get a good Boing-e-Boing rhythm down… so I’d agree with Greg, Ripchord is MUCH easier to learn :wink:

Eli Hops is another trick that looks very simple, but is actually a lot harder than it looks.

If you’ve learnt the Split Bottom Mount already (ie. the very beginning bit of Boing-e-Boing), then I would recommend first learning Ripchord, Split the Atom, Barrel Rolls and Mach 5… Once you’ve learnt those, you’ll be ready to start slicing and dicing them together into your own fronstside combos (they all use the same basic building blocks).

Then, you could learn Matrix, Cold Fusion and Buddha’s Revenge together, again, slicing and dicing them together to make up your own sidestyle combos.

would you say its… dark… magic… 2 … BADUMM TZZZ bad jokes! yeah!

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Yeah, tried eli hops a couple times and saw the yoyo headi straight towards my face a couple times ._. I’ll leave that one for later xD And thanks for the info, I was thinking bout how people do the combo tricks. Always surprises me seeing how smoothly many do it.

And eight years?! I’m 19 ._. And just started. :-[ Sigh, such is life such if life x)

I only started when I was 21, so there’s no excuse, you have plenty of time to catch-up!

I believe Doc Pop also started when he was 21…?

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That’s actually pretty cool, and pretty motivational =) Thanks mate