Need help deciding C3Yoyodesign Level.6 or Teleport

Hi guys,

I need help deciding on these 2 yoyos.
I want to know how both of them play, if they’re floaty or not compared to a Shutter

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Are ANY of those 3 yoyos “floaty”? I don’t think so. The Teleport is intentionally “extra wide” so that’s a different feel to a yoyo.

Level 6 will be the more similar one to the Shutter. I’ve never heard anyone describe it as floaty.

If you already have a Shutter and want something in that zone, but still a bit ‘different’, then the Level 6 is your choice. If you are ready to branch out and try something unexpected (like a 51mm wide, heavier yoyo) then Teleport is your choice.

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Thanks for the reply and recommendation, I really appreciate it :slight_smile: