Shutter vs. C3YYD Level 6


In my first thread on this forum about what yoyo I should get to get back into the hobby was between the Shutter and C3YYD Level 6. What are the differences between the two? Is one better than the other? Thanks in advance!


They’re pretty similar, but the Level 6 feels a little more “solid” to me. The Shutter feels slightly faster and lighter.
That being said, I like both of them and you won’t be disappointed with either of them. I prefer using the Shutter, though, since the sharp edges of the Level 6 hurt when it slams into your hand ;D


I’ve only used the shutter and it works pretty well but there is a ton of vibe


You must have got unlucky, my shutter is pretty much completly smooth


Both are top notch. I’d just go with the one that looks more itneresting to you since you can’t go wrong with either


Mine was quite vibey but then I found that my bearing was in crooked.


Has anyone else had trouble with the c3yyd level 6 where it slams into your hand?


I was just saying that the Level 6 had sharp edges. It’ll slam against your hand like any other yoyo if you bind when the yoyo is spinning really fast. :wink:
Here are some comparison shots if you’re interested:


Oh I see. Thanks for the pictures!


Thanks for all the feedback. I got a aqua shutter and a yyf one for my younger brother(he broke my last yoyo and I’m not letting him touch mine). Thanks again!