NEED help choosing yoyo

i was looking for a new yoyo to try out and i was wondering what is a good yyf yoyo that is mid weight, can do tricks pretty fast, and has long spin time with good balance. My price range is 20 to 30 bucks. So PLZ answer.

protostar or plastic grind machine

protostar a whole lot of yoyo for a small price.

What about the northstar?? or is it too heavy???

i have one and doesn’t really play heavy at all

the northstar isn’t heavy, in a fact that it’s LIGHT ok? I fling it around all day at speeds like fast. double the speed as my legacy. protostar and northstar are almost same except for color and inventor. i like protostar cause the translucent color is so epic. my freind is also ordering a translucent yellow/green (that’s one of the best colors)