need help choosing what to buy


I am thinking about getting the Werrd yoyo bag to use for yoyos and school (i’m in 7th grade). i was wondering, should i get that and wait til Christmas for some new throws or just keep putting my throws in my backpack and use my money to buy a new yoyo. if u think i should get a yoyo, give me suggestions on what to get. my budget is $75


For 75 try a recrev oscillatrix or mangaroo they are great throws especially if you are on a budget. Atlso i would get a case I thpought the same thing . Why get a case if i can buy a yoyo? But eventually you will have to get a case so why not now?


The Werrd bag is nice, but have you considered the YYE bags as options? I have the medium back, which holds 4 yoyos in their own zippered pockets, and has a larger pocket to hold strings, lube, accessories, more yoyos, whatever you want. There is also the Competition bag and a smaller 2-yoyo bag. The medium bag seems a bit expensive, but trust me on this, I carried it with me all week and the thing took a beating from the standpoint of being on and off me, thrown in a stroller, put in and out of little holding nets for storing your stuff when you go on a ride, getting rained on, and the throws and string inside stayed dry. For me it’s worth the money.

Either way, if you go with the YYE bag, you’ll have more money for yoyos, strings, whatever.

The Werrd bag may be the overall winner as it’s going to do more for you by holding books and yoyos, but maybe get yourself a decent backpack and use the YYE Small Bag to attach to your existing backpack.

There’s always options. For me, the YYE Medium bag is ideal for what I do, and if I need to add on, I can add a pair of YYE Small bags to each side of the strap and I’m taken care of.


Ya studio is right if you just need a good bag then the yye medium bag would be a lot better choice for you


thanks to both of you i will check into all that


i will probably get a yoyoexpert small bag and a RecRev SHARP. do you guys think thats a good throw?


The sharp is okay But have you considered the oscillatrix? I have heard good things about the sharp and bad also if you are looking for cheap the Di Base is good, and cheap.
Thanks! dingo


i wanted the Oscillatrix but to get that and the bag i would need to save an extra $10 and thats hard cuz i’m 12 years old and my parents are cheap.


Ya I feel ya im 12 almost 13


I have a Sharp, well, sort of. I sent it off for some mods and have been waiting for it to come back. I wasn’t happy with the response system in it and so I had it modified to have a silicone recess instead.

I didn’t throw it more than a few dozen times. It’s heavy on the string, but I like heavy. The overly simplistic lines are what attracted me to it in the first place. I’m also contemplating having my logo airbrushed into it, truly making this a signature throw.

Due to my lack of hands on with this yoyo, I refuse to pass any real judgement on it. What I will say is that I personally felt very satisfied with it.

There’s lots of metals to choose from. I don’t currently have one, but the Duncan Raptor seems to have a very happy following, so much so that I am contemplating getting one as well. At $40, it’s very affordable too. There’s also the dv888, which at $45 is a bit more, but not unreasonable. With that and the bag, you still have money for extra strings, but you’re not going to be able to pay for shipping.

The Shinwoo ZEN series is at $45 each except for the 2(which is $20 more), and I’ve heard good things about that as well. There’s also plenty of other choices with prices up and down. If you skip the bag entirely, it opens up more options. But without knowing what you’re shooting for or if you want a metal/plastic, metal or plastic, it helps too. Odds are you’re not looking for a plastic. Of course, I sound like a broken record recommending the DM2, but hey, I like it a lot. But I also have a Northstar and Protostar as well and I really dig those plastics. But I also have plenty of metals as well that I enjoy.

I am looking at your budget as a whole, which would include shipping factored into that, although I think shipping would be closer to $7. I’m also trying to factor in YYE bulk 100% polyester strings in white, which at $10.99, is a good deal. You always run our of strings, so I always advocate bulking up. In fact, I always order strings whether I need them or not with every order I place at YYE just to ensure I have plenty of strings.

So, please keep everything in mind when you are doing your shopping. There is lots of good stuff available. Worse case is if you do get a yoyo, you can always take a small towel and wrap it in that for transport or maybe it comes in a decent reusable box that will keep it safe. Heck, I have some little Pelican cases that I could glue a felt liner into that could protect 1 or 2 yoyos. Not sure about 2, but I know 1 for sure(model 1010) but between the case, the felt and the glue, it’s cheaper and looks way cooler to get the YYE small bag. Or you could turn a sleeve or pantleg from something you can’t wear anymore and turn that into a custom yoyo bag.

I know this is just confusing. It always is. No bag means you can seek out a higher cost yoyo. Bag means something in a lower price category, but that doesn’t mean an inferior throw, it just means an inexpensive throw. Keep in mind preferences as well. I’m lucky where I’m in a position where I don’t have to choose. Just keep all your factors in mind. Shipping isn’t free, so don’t forget that unless your budget allows shipping to be an add-on item.