Need help ASAP >_<

So I picked up this yoyo from a shop around here…
I live in Kuwait so yoyoing here is 0% lol.
Anyway, it’s a Blazing Teens 2 Grey Fox O.o, it’s sleep times are amazing, weight is amazing.
Everything is pretty cool, except its noise.
This thing sounds like a darn pregnant bee! >_<
And it’s got a crapload of vibe…
It uses silicon pads i think, its my second yoyo, I’ve learned on a FAST 201 and a Profire haha.
So I figured you guys would need pics of it, since its an unknown yoyo:

So, please, any help is GREATLY appreciated.
And I’m practically a noob, so any walkthroughs would be REALLY cool =D

I’ve seen that and tried one…

You could just give it thin lube…
And I think it’s normal for a yoyo if it have loud noise.

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Well here’s the thing, i live in kuwait so ‘yoyo’ lube is impossible to find.
Any other easier solutions?

You could try cleaning the bearing first. Then apply a tiny amount of lube. If there is a music store near you, go in and ask for trumpet valve oil. That may be your best bet. I know trumpets probably aren’t popular in Kuwait :stuck_out_tongue: but they may be more popular than yoyos. Also, you could check to see if the bearings from any of your other yoyos fit the Blazing Teens one. Also, it’s not unusual for yoyos to be noisy, especialy if the bearing is dry and broken in.

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the noise is normal, but i dont think the vibe is. you could try putting teflon tape on the axle and screwing it in, but that is alll i can think of.

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The vibe could be just a bad throw. After throwing touch the yoyo with your finger for a while like doing a grind, if it stops, it’s just your throw.

Well wcrase, I might as well just do that, there is a music store around, I’ll ask around for that =D, and no, no other bearings fit >_<, that yoyo has the biggest bearing in my collection…
I’ll try that teflon thing too Ijuggleyoyos…thanks =)
Shisaki, I know its not my throw cuz the string doesnt even touch any of the yoyo’s sides, but thanks anyhow =)
Thanks y’all, you’re really awesome =)

Hey I’m in the middle east too so I’m guessing the shops we have around are similar. If you’ve got an ace hardware near you then you could ask for silicone lubricant. It comes in a compressed air can like WD-40 (which you shouldn’t use on your bearings). If they do have silicone look for some by a company called Du Pont. It comes in an orange can and it’s already got teflon in it so not only do you lube your bearing but it makes it quite as well. If you do find this stuff then know that when you’re applying it even a drop from a needle point maybe a bit too much. I usually spray a needle tip till I can see the drop, touch it to a rag, then touch the needle tip to the bearing. I do that two or three times and my bearings are good to go.

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I do actually have an ace shop around, I’ll look for that too.
And damn man, that stuff sounds like nuclear bombs on bearings, haha

Yeah, I agree with the others. It’s no unusual for noise or vibe. YYJ has a distinctive vibe caused by a loose fitting bearing. The vibe is either caused by your throw or yor bearing seat so you may want to check those out.
As for the noise, just clean and lube. Use the search button here on YYE and you’ll find many threads talking about Thin Lube and Mineral Spirit alternatives.