noise pollution

i was throwing today and all of the sudden my bearings got really loud. nothing wrong with the way it plays. in fact, i think it may have gotten better. is this what happens when a bearing is broken in?

yep, bearing just broke in.

This is a good thing actually, you will find it will play a bit better.

If you dont like the noise though, a drop of thin lube will fix that.

Good luck!


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Yup, it’s a good thing. It should be more unresponsive now.

Congrats! Yes, the lube inside is worn away and now the bearing is spinning on the metal balls on the inside. I use my yo-yo to annoy my mom, she yells at me for it. It’s also great to annoy that special person that you love…:wink:

~Spin On!

Honestly, I love the sound. When I get a few layers of string in my DM it like makes tons of cool sounds, it also makes my mom get mad and make me yoyo outside.

First time it happened I was looking somewhere else and I got scared when out of nowhere it went like SPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGG

I was already annoying my wife with the quiet little buzz my journey was making even with the caps off. One of these days I’m going find my yoyo in pieces. Which will be a fine excuse to upgrade to a DM. ;D

grats grats

same thing happened to me i was like OMG! what happened l0l but then looked it up and it was a good thing ;D