My Speedmaker is noisy now. Help?

Like, one time the string got caught under the bearing and I unscrewed it, and the bearing came off and stuck to the wrong side. So I pulled it off and put it on the right side, so everything was in the right place, but when I threw it down after that, it makes a weird noise. I don’t know if it was me having so much stuff touch the bearing or what. Anyone know what’s going on, and can help? My dad is irritated by the noise. I am too. Now THAT’S annoying. Help please.

it might be in the process of breaking in.

But I’ve had it for like 3 weeks now. I left out the part that it was silent until the bearing came out and all. Hehe… sorry.

yyj’s take some time to break in.

Ummm… no offense or anything, but I think it was broken in when it was silent. Everything was going PERFECT with it, then it got noisy after this happened.

Try cleaning it, maybe you got a little piece of string in it.

When bearings are broken in, they are usually noisy. If it is silent, that means there’s lube in it, or its a 10 ball.

Mongoriller is right, just try cleaning it. If its still noisy, then its broken in.

If cleaning or lubing it doesn’t help, pull the bearing out to make sure that the shield is still on there. I have an old YYJ bearing that I was trying out with my Dark Magic to see if something was wrong and the shield somehow came off and it made a weird noise. This probably doesn’t happen much if at all, but it’s possible.

Uhhhh… ~embarrassed~ What’s a shield look like?

Well if the shield is off you can see the actual balls for the bearing.

If you know the general anatomy of a bearing, you know you have the inside circle that spins with the yoyo, then the balls, then the outside circle that doesn’t spin and that’s what the string sits on. The shield is simply a side plate in between the two circles on both sides and it just used to help protect the bearing from getting things inside it.