Noisy Bearing, previously quiet.

Ok I was throwing around my Y Factor and the bearing is hella quiet. SUddenly on a throw the bearing just sounds harsh and damaged. I had been playing it for about 10 minutes before this happened. Does anyone know any reason?

The bearing is most likely shot. But try
-looking in the bearing seat for hair, dust, etc.
-taking it out and spinning it and see if that resolves it
before you take any other action.
Stick a small drop of lube or two in there and play it. Right when you put the lube in it will be louder + more responsive, but if you give it some play, it should be back to normal.

Its weird for 10balls to do this. is it desheilded? did you clean it right when you got it?

I got it in a trade actually. And for some reason it is quieting down. It still has it’s shield. Could it be possible that the yoyo bearing was just breaking in?

Lube it if you want it quiet

I think it was just breaking in.

Normally a bearing who’s breaking in tends to get louder.

My YYJ Speed Bearing and my YYF Center-Trac were quiet (but not dead silent :P) after a few days they started to get louder because they were breaking in. Just put some thin lube and it will get a little bit more quiet.

Bearings do that a lot (well sort of) I had the same thing happen with my G5 yesterday. It was either breaking in, or a ball(s)got slightly off track which seems to resolve it self when you throw it a few times.