YYP Code bearing became noisy

Hi there. So I got my YoYoPalace Code few days ago and this thing was really cool - light & almost fully silent bearing. But this morning I realised that Code became really noisy - maybe two or three times noisier than Recognition (which I consider as a noisy throw). Tried to extract & put bearing back - it helped a bit after I played with yoyo for few mins but it is still very noisy in comparison with its original state. I’m kinda new to throwing so I just don’t know that’s wrong with this bearing and how to fix it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Bearings need time to break in . Sometimes they will get noisey every now and again best to play through it , but if it gets bad or super responsive it may need to be cleaned .


It isn’t responsive at all. Just became really noisy after ~week (I played like half of a hour per day maybe). So is ir kinda ok or it’s too abrupt change of level of noise? I’m not sure but yoyo even started to play more dirty cuz at the beginning it played just perfectly. I mean something like it became harder to perform a perfect throw without any lean or vibration.

Bearings get noisey sometimes it’s not always a sign that something is wrong . Most likely the bearing is just breaking in . New bearings do this a lot

Ok, thank you man. I hope it would “play through” and get back to it’s not so loud state.

Put a tiny drop of thin lube in it. Works for me. Welcome to the Forums!

Thanks. I’m not sure which lube do I need cuz I saw some special lubes for throws but there aren’t any in my city I believe. I also heard that washing bearing with Zippo lighter gas & lubing also could help.

Using zippo lighter fluid will clean the bearing, removing all traces of any lube. That will usually make it noisier. A very small drop of sewing machine oil, fishing reel oil or gun oil may quiet it down a bit, but too much will make it responsive. What I do is apply the oil, then blow the bearing out with compressed air. I use the cans of air used to clean computers etc.


I heard that it is better to use special yoyo lube, not some random one but idk

Parts is parts.