Need entries for eli hops. Contest Extended to June 22nd

Ok guys…I got some great feedback and I have decided to run the contest. The categories are as follows

1. Best Single Throw Trick
So on this category, you throw the yoyo once, and do the coolest, bestest, lllest trick/combo you can. please no regenerations.

2. Most Eli Hops in a Row
Simple. Hands must touch when doing the hops.

3. Coolest Video
All you have to do is make a simple video of you yoyoing. Creativity is greatly appreciated and noticed.
Maximum time for the video is 120 seconds

Please no video editing excpet on category #4.
At the start and End of Video you must put Mirage String.(you can put in any format. you dont have to use my logo)
After you have created your video, please publish it on Youtube in the following format
I repeat… please send my the link to the video! do not post it here or it will be USELESS!

judging will be as follows
I will make seperate polls for each category, and put each entry into the categorys. Voting will be held from June 7th June 14th

Their will be only one prize awarded to each category.

Prizes are…

20 pack of mirage string for category 1
20 pack of mirage string for category 2
10 pack of mirage string plus a mirage string t-shirt for category 3

Please email the link of your video to

Contest run from
april 13
June 7th

Pm Mirage for details or help


come on guys. Enter Enter Enter!

i guess ill enter , ill do best 1 throw thing :]

okay…then make your video, and send me link of it on youtube to

has anyone else entered…?

I’m in, how many contests can we enter? And can we grind on the GT whip?

you can enter as many as you like, but you can only win 1. Yes you can grind

This was off my vid I just posted 3 days ago except
I cut out parts and some tricks, and made it exactly
1min and 20sec. Enjoy!

EDIT: Shouldn’t this be in the video section?

thanks james, yes it should be in the video, but the general section as well.I figured that more people would see it in the general section. Also could you please send me the link to your video to

that way I can keep track of all the entries and not lose anyones or yours.


little bump for new entry!


enter please. I need winners!




I guess I could enter!

Mine might be in closer to the end of the deadline though because I need some creatibity time. (sorry for the double post).

s’okay. I just want to let you guys know in a bit further detail about the judging. For all the categories except for most eli hops in a row, I will make a post, and inform all of you, about it, where there will be a poll for each entry. you can only vote once. that how you win


I just noticed that most people made their vid 1:20 when it could of been 2:00…

yes thank you. just a notice that your videos can be 2 minutest or 120 seconds thanks you. I will point that out to james



alright, then. :wink: