Need entries for eli hops. Contest Extended to June 22nd  this is an entry for the coolest video

thanks metal man, could you possibly send it to this link
also, I need you to put mirage string at the start or the vid. thanks

Its just that I can keep track of all these entries

COME ON! Need entries for the eli hops, easy win here, and GT whip! does NOT have to be original! :o I can just be a very intense GT whip!


Need Entries really soon, end date is coming up, just one other week :’( Better get the entries in soon!

with the gt whip does it have to be a whip or can it be a hard way to get into gt?

what? we can enter for the best GT whip?

Yes to both. Also i have extend the contest to June 7th voting starts then.

Best Single One Throw

3 days to voting! Need tons more entries!!!

Ending tommorow!