Eli hops anyone?

I was wondering if anyone likes this trick as much as i do =)
Would anyone be willing to make a video of their impressive Eli hops skills?

Eli hops is a trick I practice compulsively everyday. I don’t know why, but I do! It certainly is one of my favorite tricks. I’ll see what I have as far as videos of me doing it goes.

sweet! ill make a video as well, as soon as my dad can hand over the camera. i like doing it with really long string, i make my own string as well so i can make it any length. ;D

Well I’m only in the Advanced Part 1 and it’s one of the only Advanced tricks I know, so I’m like obsessed with it lol.

I go into a wrist mount and pop out of it while there are small triangles on my throw hand, and I do eli hops that way. When I’m practicing I do it from a triple or nothing. Behind the back Eli’s are great too

wait what?


why don’t you make a video.

If I can get someone to film it, I could PM it to you?

yeah you could. once i find my dads cam. i’ll make a vid myself. I’m not really that “good” of a player but i put a good amount of time in making my eli hops look “magical” haha.

Can someone make a tutorial for circular Eli hops?

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there are TUTs out there but all it really takes is practice. check youtube i know ive seen john ando do it.

The only tutorial on Circular Eli-Hops I saw was in Spanish. Twas a little problematic. I’ve almost got the trick down though so I’ll make a tutorial when I figure out how to explain everything and can actually do it!

I would really appreciate a tutorial on circular Eli-Hops. I must be doing something wrong with the body move. I can never get those body moves right. Like those tricks where you see people basically doing a limbo move with their back to the crowd. I like how they look, but cannot get that movement down. That is my main problem with the hops. But I’m getting there. It is just something that I add to my daily practice.