Need a new Organic/hybrid shaped throw.

So I have a couple of aluminum throws now. My two favorite atm are my Markmont classic, and my YYO Orbis. I like O and V profiles a lot, but I also like them light weight (under 65 grams). I’m really digging the shape of the YYF Too Hot and the new Riverbay Bobcat, like a wide O/H shape. Does anyone have either of those, or know of one that shares the same shape at a little lighter weight? Thanks for any reply!

OD Cascade with ultralights. So fun.

Two that pop into my head which are rounded V kind of shapes and lightweight, easy to hit the string and comfortable, are the Prophecy from General-Yo and the SPYY Speed Freak if you can get your hands on one. Both under 64 grams. Both are sublime.

Thanks for the 3 suggestions so far guys. The Prophecy certainly has a nice sharp design to it.

You’re welcome. I like the Too HOT a whole lot as well. It doesn’t get mentioned quite as much anymore, I think just because of how many great budget options there are out there now.

Two other possibilities I’ll mention if you’re looking for budget suggestions, the IZM line by sOMEThING; the Orb and the Versus. Both are under 65 grams. The Orb has more of an organic kind of H shape, while the Versus has a more V and H shape. I haven’t tried either personally, but I have been eyeing the Orb, and sOMEThING makes good yoyos.

The Iyoyo Hidra looks promising too…

Riverbay bobcat is amazing they are super stable great and wide for intricate tricks and not a bad price

Iyoyo tirrox is aweome

Hidra is awesome, really enjoy mine.

Thanks for all the replys everyone. I decided on the Recess Diplomat.