NC Yo-Yo Players

Hey guys, we’ve started are club back up! (4th sunday) 1-3pm @ hobby town usa of moorsville, hope to see you there! a

I can probably make it this time! 8)

nobody in SC though…

See you Sunday!

So who’s going to the club meeting this Sunday?

Same time?

I probably can go

Will ed be coming?

Yep, 1pm Sunday.

I don’t think so. I heard that he’s at Disney World.

Any one affiliated with the nc yoyo Facebook groups? I put in requests to join on both,but haven’t heard back.

I’m in NC, but won’t be able to travel to meet ups. Kinda far.

Is anyone going this sunday?

I have finals in the next two weeks. I apologize, I’ll really try to come during the sumer when I have nothing due or needed. :-\

My brother has finals too :-\

Finals worry me, although I should prob have nothing to worry about because I have all A’s

Anyone going tomorrow