This contest was awesome. There were all sorts of great people there and it was just an overall great time for everyone who went. I myself got some stuff but unfortunately didnt compete and I wish I had.

Heres the stuff I got.

Pink/Silver beat Project/w counterweight for $40

100 Purple poly strings+100 Orange Poly strings+20 Gray strings for $12

Barking Spider T-Shirt.

ALOT of YYE Stickers FREE

Translucent Purple Counterweight (die)

I had fun!!!

Anyone else who went tell about your experience. Mine was great.

Darn. I wanted to go. :’(

don’t want to say i told you so… BUT… :wink:
nice to meet you; i’ll be psyched to hang out at the next contest we’re at.
thanks for showing me that over-the-wrist move.

No problem, and thanks for the string! I came with 2 very frayed strings and left with over 200. Haha. And Ill be sure to compete at the next one.

U were supposed to meet me but i saw no sign of a Connor. I was the guy who won the Higby FHZ! Btw i was in Waynesville a few days ago!

Haha, Cool. Shoot me a Pm whenever you are, maybe we could hook up and throw.