NBA playoffs 2012! Thoughts, predictions

I have the San Antonio Spurs taking it this year! With the deepest bench in the league and the big 3 being healthy I think the spurs can take the heat( who I am having doubts that they’ll even make it past the pacers!) Let me know what you think?

Spurs for me as well. They played so well against the jazz. I hope they can continue with that much power!

OKC is going to win the whole thing, no doubt about it.

I am a celtics fan, but there is too much talent on OKC.

I think when the thunder and spurs meet in the con. Finals it’s gonna come down to whose bench plays best because both starting line ups have great players( Okc has the better one of course) but when their big 3 sit who’s gonna score for them? Also it’s going to depend on Russell westbrooks playing. If he was a 2-100 shooting games like he does then they aren’t going to have a chance. The thunder are gonna be the hardest matchup of the playoffs just because they are so young and talented but I have the spurs taking them in 6 games because of their experience and composure in critical moments.

ive got to go with the heat over okc

Not without bosh…

OKC Harden+Durant+Westbrook= EPICNESS

I rest my case.

lebron and dwayne do most of the work,but i do admit it will be harder to win without bosh.

You can’t get very far without a solid big man.

Obviously the Lakers are going to win because I’m a stubborn fanboy who can’t accept the fact that the Lakers lost by 29 vs. OKC @ OKC.

yes i was right!

well the matchup

Well, I didn’t post it, but this was my predicted Finals matchup: Heat vs Thunder, and I was right. Now, I think it’s going to be close, but I think and want OKC to win. I really want LeBron to win a ring though; he has so much talent, it’s a shame to see him lose so much (I know, he’s a bad, bad man, and is only concerned about himself. Sure “The Decision” wasn’t the bet way to go, but there is no denying that he is the best all-around player in the NBA)

Feel the HEAT dudes! :slight_smile:

Well the heat lost by how many last night???



Heats better win they’re 2-1 lead.

I think I’m going to go with the heat