Dallas or Miami

who do you want to win the NBA Finals: Dallas or Miami?

Who cares about NBA, NHL is where it’s at. Canucks FTW!


i want new york to win



Dallas and Boston.

Hate LeBron. Hate, well actually, like the Canucks, want Bruins to win more.

Go heat screw it you guys blew it

Well it could be worse. at least you didn’t watch as your two least favorite teams made it to the playoffs. While your favorite team got knocked out in the first FLIPPEN ROUND! But I’m not mad. Atleast there’s always next year, and I’m still a Spurs fan.

hahah ik but its emarssing for heat fans

LeBron is and idiot, Dirk definetly deserved the win.


Oh, wait…

It’s the New York Nuggets, and the Denver Knicks ;D

i am a heat fan but i agree

Go Jazz… Oh yeah we let go of Daron Williams Carlos Boozer, Memo is on the bench, they now want to trade Millsap so uh yeah unless Jimmer signs with us we’re dead before next season even starts.

yeah i like the jazz too, but they are failing sooooooo epicly by trading star players and not getting players that they should have. (Jimmer)

Dallas over Miami, but I’m a Boston fan from California…