NBA follwers?

Who else follows the nba? My team is the THUNDER! what about you guys?

Obsessed with the Nuggets, yep!

Basketball’s my favorite sport by far. I watch any game I can, and play anytime I can. I don’t really follow any teams in particular. I pretty much like every one.

Except the Heat. Don’t get me started on the Heat.

Sonics 2.0


Vancouver Grizzlies

Blake Griifin is my fave player
Celtics and Bulls fan!!

lol, Sonics 2.0 and Vanouver Grizzlies. throwbacks. awesome.
I bet most thunder fans didn’t know they were the supersonics before the thunder. they just hopped on the bandwagon after 2010.


I also bet they didnt know durant was drafted with the sonics hahaha

I play am going to play AAU basketball this year and I follow the NBA, but especially the Miami Heat. God Bless - Moefv

Miami Heat and Washington Wizards for life (only while John Wall is there)

I’m not a follower, but I like the Heat and the Kings.

Kings are moving to Seattle.

awww man! Is that still happening? I thought I heard people were working on keeping them in Sacramento… :frowning:

yeah man I think they just have to get the deal approved. if so they’ll be in Seattle next year.

wow that’s really sad… :frowning: