Nautilus vs chik

What do unguys think code 2 nautilus vs chik?

Pretty different yoyos. Code 2 is more comfortable in the hand, and I FEEL like it’s a bit more stable, but that could be an illusion. The Chik is very stable. Code 2 has great IRG, Chik’s is minimal. Both are spike-tacular!

If you made me choose between them, I would go with the Code 2.

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Given the choice between the two:

Code 2 all the way. I’m not saying that one is necessarily better than the other. The shapes are similar. The Chik is the next logical progression of the Burnside, where the Code 2 is the final product of the Burnside heritage in my opinion.

The One Drop I find myself reaching for most often is a Code 2.

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The Code 2 is a little more fun, I would say, whereas the Chik feels heavier and more competition oriented.