Cant find what I want, so whats similar?

I really want to buy 2 CHIKs, one orange and one blue, so i can do a half and half thing. But they are sold out. I want something that throws as similar to it as possible that i can get in solid colors.

Whatcha think?

My first thought was the Burnside, for obvious reasons, but I hear that the Chik plays very very similar to the Code 2. Maybe you can check that out. Good luck! :wink:

Code 2s are really expensive though (on a students budget)

Look for a chik on the bst maybe.

Benchmark V? H?

I my favorite yoyo is currently code 2, which is why I want chik haha. So having 3 code 2s would be a bit much. Burnside might actually be a good idea

Which benchmark would be best tho? For something similar to code 2

The V is going to be the closest to the code 2

There’s always the summit and format c as well