One Drop Code 2 vs Chik


Which do you prefer and why?


Code2 because I haven’t played a Chik.



(M.DeV1) #4

As much as I like the Code 2 and it’s solid performance I’m actually going to have to go with the Chik on this one. It plays very similar to the Code 2 however it features a bit more of a rounded inward shape like the Code 1 making it more comfortable than the Code 2.


hahaha :smiley:


I prefer the chik. It feels a little more easy to control for my style of play. The code 2 is amazing as well though, so just pick up what you like the looks/price of the best.


The Code 2 is about 10x more comfortable than the Chik! The Chik isn’t “uncomfortable” by any stretch, but it’s not a rounded soft-edged thing like the Code 2 is.

Overall, I prefer the Code 2… honestly, performance-wise they’re fairly similar despite huge cosmetic differences. The Chik slays the Code 2 for horizontal, but since I don’t do horizontal, I prefer the feel of the Code 2 on the throw and on the catch.


I like code 2 more :slight_smile: