Benchmark V/ Chik


Does anyone own both? If so, any thoughts on the differences in play? The Chik is one of my favorites, and I’ve been thinking about picking up a V also. Thanks in advance.


The Chik plays like a Burnside I have heard, well almost the same specs just accepts side effects. So the Chik would play more like that, or if you are comparing Benchmarks then the Benchmark H, I have both an H and V and had an O and I would say that the H and Burnside are similar. The V is inbetween so you get the spin time of the H and some of the floatyness of the O, if that makes sence =).

Edit: So to answer your question I would say the Benchmark H would feel the most like a Chik, the Benchmark V is cool but honestly its my least favorite of the Benchmarks, I like the floatier O or the agressive H, (the H almost has an identical shape to the old YYF Superstar to me actually, which I love!)
But dont let that stop you from getting a V, if you want a totally diff feeling go for an O though, same feeling get an H. =)

I have a Burnside and Benchmark V, H, and O (untll I traded it a few days ago), and the Burnside is very very similar to the Chik so that is what Im basing my opinions off of. Have never played the actual Chik, but its very similar to the Burnside =).


I do not own both, but I have all three Benchmarks. The V is my favorite of the three. It’s nice to have all three styles to play and compare. If you get the chik I would like to hear your thoughts.


I have a benchmark H and a chik. They play quite differently to me, the benchmark H feels much heavier on the string and more stable (a stability monster really) where as the chik is lighter and faster and maybe just a smidgen less stable. I couldn’t really pick one if I had to choose which to keep and which to give away. For what it’s worth though I play my chik more than the benchmark but everytime I pick it up I’m amazed by how well it plays all over again.


I just got a V and I love it!


Nice! What color? I settled on purple, but I really wanted crime scene.


black :stuck_out_tongue: