Nationals in L.A.

Hey everyone, I’m trying to get my super nice and sometimes awesome sister to pay my way to go to watch the nationals. I need as much information as possible about it, such as dates, location. Hotels nearly. Would be greatly appreciated very much. And I would also like to know if there are any people on here who are planning on going to watch or participating in Nationals. Maybe we can meet up there and hang out, give tips and help if needed to each other. And for those who are competing my fiancé and I will cheer you on.
THANK YOU again for anyone’s help! I appreciate it more than words can say :blush:

Are you flying or driving down there? If flying, I’d just fly to LAX and use public transit to an area hotel. I’m not sure what’s in that area since my hotels I stay at are across the street from Disneyland. Southwest Airlines typically has some good deals, just try and avoid flying on Sundays.

Just remember, with hotels you get what you pay for in LA. Some places may not be the cleanest :o

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Hey, I’m going down there and would enjoy meeting you there :smiley: Nationals will be held at the Redondo beach performance arts center. Sep. 26-27 The website isn’t up yet. A few hotels to look into are best western or Hilton Garden. Just look up the place on map quest, and you should get some good info there. Hope to see you there ;D

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Thank you so much for your help. I hopefully plan on flying in Friday evening because I have dialysis first. Than stay as close as possible to where the event in happening and fly back Sunday at some point. So I make home in time for Mondays dialysis. So all information is helpful. Thank you so much. And i look forward to meeting you there.

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After talking to my sister, she thinks I should drive… From Sacramento… To LA. So I doubt I will make it for Fridays preliminarys or Fridays anything… What location is the finals taking place at. Is it all at the same place. I read prelims where in the lax hotel area. Am I wrong.

The website will be up at by the end of this week.

Prelims are Friday 9/25 at the LAX Westin

Finals are Saturday 9/26 at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center

There will also be events the morning of the 26th at the Westin


Thank you so much for the help with information. I feel a bit depressed not knowing If ill fully make it. Especially if I have to drive there from Sacramento.

The Westin LAX is the official contest hotel. We’ll have booking info up shortly.

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I live 30 mins away from L.A… ;D

Lucky you. If I drive. I’m 7 hours away… 7…

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Can anyone tell me what I could expect in terms of booths, crowds, and the area it will be in. Will it be inside or outside? Due to me health condition I can’t be in the sun to long. Like a vampire.

Both prelims and finals will be inside venues:

I wont make it in time for pre-lims due to having dialysis that day. Wont get out until 5:30pm. And then seeing as what I thought my sister would help me pay my way there and all since she never helps out, I was wrong. So if I’m lucky enough find the money to be able to drive there and back. I can only hope to make it and have to sleep in the car for a few hours before finals… Than after Saturdays event, sleep in the car again before making a 7-8 hour drive home. .if I do end up making it. … Do I need to pay to get into the event to watch?

Ok, cool. I don’t think that you would have to pay to watch :wink:

Awesome, as long I don’t have to pay to get it. I’ll be okay.

Just booked my room for nationals. Not looking forward to a 7 hour drive. But if it what it takes to get there and be at the event. I’m happy. Looking forward to meeting as many people as possible and making friends. Who else will be going??
Post if your going… And maybe we can meet up, chat and enjoy the day.

^^I plan to be there for prelims and finals. I live less than 30min away from L.A. We should meet up, would enjoy meeting you and anyone else there. ;D

I seen that the finals don’t start until 4ish. Does anyone know if there will be anything going on before that.

I live 30 mins away too! We should meet up. I’ll be competing prelims.