National yoyo day.What did you order?


Hi everyone.
Happy National yoyo day to everyone.
What did you order?What did you do today?
Write something I’d like to know what you did :slight_smile:


I just ordered a chief!!!My first CLYW yoyo!!!


This exact same thread was made earlier today.


That was also my first CLYW too! I got it in 66gr in the caribou street color way. You will love it. What color did you get?


opps I didn’t know


I got it in the Adam Brewster edition ;D


A Culver’s Butter Bacon Cheese Burger.

(Waylon) #8

I’ve been meaning to try a Butter Burger. I’ve tried the custard there. It’s amazing.


I got some response pads. And some string. And an ILYY Saint Eel!!! Its my first yoyo that’s not YYF or YYJ.