N12 or Di base

I don’t know which one i should get, Magic yoyo N12 or C3 design Di Base?

I’ve already chimed in on this.

It comes down to preferences between V-shapes and H shapes, as well as full sized and mid-sized. The DiBase(either) is mid-sized and V-shaped. The N12 is more of an H-type and full sized.

The C3 easily performs at twice it’s retail price. The N12 is a surprisingly good yoyo, extremely good.

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I’m not much of a fan of the Di Base. Felt it lacked stability and spin time. Haven’t tried the N12 but it looks impressive, 'specially at it’s budget price-point, so I’d go with that.

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for me, n12. If your title said “di base 2 it n12?” I would say di base 2, because of that shape.

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Yes. I know, but just want to take some more advises from others people.

Can you let me know why you will go with di base 2 instead of n12? How can the V-shape makes the yoyo better? I haven’t understood about this point.

Oh, it doesn’t make it better, I just prefer that shape more, and its a little bit more run weighted. I dont like butterfly shapes that much… Its all preference! If you like butterfly, go with the n12, its amazing and terribly underrated. The di base is just a great yo-yo.

I complete agree. More input for you is very much advisable. For you, this is a serious investment. It’s hard to explain and understand for a lot of people in the United States how a $60 yoyo here(in the USA) isn’t that big of a deal as far as price is concerned, while in Vietnam, that same $60 converted to Vietnam Dong(that’s their money’s name, I’m serious) is a sizable sum. Considering I could have a driver take me around all day long and then some and have dinner in Vietnam for 12 people and still have change left over.

It’s not so much that a V shape is better vs. an H-shape. If the yoyo is designed properly, then the shape itself is kind of secondary. What it comes down to are preferences. I myself prefer V shapes, but I won’t overlook a good yoyo because it’s not my preferred shape. But, my top yoyos are the ANglam and Phenom, which are both V shapes. There’s a few new goodies I haven’t played yet, but have received, which includes a Sleipnir and a Y-Not F.A(Vietnamese brand and design).

I’m planning another trip to Vietnam(well being planned for me). You and I need to talk and figure out what I should take with me for you to try out.

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Whoever made up that name for their currency had a serious sense of humor…

I have an off-color saying regarding this.

It’s just funny when you go there and exchange a $100 bill and get this big thick stack of bills. You feel like you’re rich until you realize that a quarter is worth 5251.25 dong(according to the currency conversion at this moment).

I recall having a Facebook chat with someone while I was in Saigon asking me about “this yoyo and that yoyo” and that “I’ll never be able to afford that…”

It just sucks. Some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, and their economic situation really puts things into perspective. Over there, plastics tend to be the norm, and unless they are from well off families, yoyo is more of something for the rich. I realize I was walking through Saigon with yoyos people would normally not be able to afford.

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