MYY yoyos

Does anyone have experience with multiple MYY yoyos? How do they stack up to yoyos like the Dark Magic 2 and DV888? Anything about them would be helpful

MYY? Magic yoyo?
Would be great if you specified what “MYY” means…

Yes magic yoyo. I’ve seen a lot of people shorten it like that I thought everyone did sorry

sorry if that last comment sounded a bit rude I didn’t mean it to :-
Magic yoyos are honestly pretty good for the price. If you really want a $20-30 yoyo that works well, I’d shop on the BST for a while first.

BST? Sorry I’m new to being a yoyo player and I have a Magic T8 shadow. I’m having a LOT of trouble learning the more advanced tricks between the string tension getting high and the yoyo stopping mid trick because of going through it slowly so I was wondering if getting one of these more popular yoyos would make it easier.

B/s/t= Buy/Sell/Trade,
if you press the home button on this forum, you go to a page and if u scroll down it should say Buy/Sell/Trade
There should be some directions on how to use it in there.

Hold it!! there’s a lot of these threads… Maybe the mods should sticky one if them… I’ve heard they are some of the best bang for your buck there is. I’ve never had personal experience with them. I would actually recommend an aoda. Yes everyone I know that every now and then somebody gets one with a bad bearing but they are really great throws… I’ve had several different ones from them… The one I liked was the holy cherry. It had the best spin time I’ve ever had out of a yoyo with its stock bearing!!!

If your having trouble i would say just practice. The yoyo doesn’t make a lot of difference on hard to learn stuff.

I’ve hit several of the master tricks on a magic yoyo so that shouldn’t be a problem as long as the bearing isn’t dead