Myths about YoYoing

(SR) #1

I feel this thread needs to be made. I’ll start.

“I’ll NEVER be as good as so-and-so, they’re just to good!”

“If I get an expensive yoyo, maybe I’ll be better at yoyoing.”



“Yoyo X costs more than yoyo Y. It must be better!”


“He yoyos. He must be childish or a super-nerd.”


I’m childish and a super nerd but neither has anything to do with my yoyoing XD


I’m a father of 2, an NCO in the military, a nerdy-jock, and an all-round giant kid.

I don’t have any idea what I’m supposed to do. 8)

(Owen) #6

“player y messed up that freestyle therefor player x is better than him”


Be awesome :wink:



I like the yo-yo’s that x company makes, therefore it is the best yo-yo company.


“flat bearing are always worse than specialty bearingz (trifecta, konkave, etc.)” or that all flat bearings dont spin long enough for advanced tricks. i belive the world record for longest sleeper was using a gold plated flat bearing? (please correct me if im wrong)


that is an opinion that makes sense.

You need two hands to yoyo…


They are for some people =P


note “always”. my speed bearing spins as long and smooth(er) as my center track!


we all get along …


theres was never an argument. yuki gives some of the best advice around in my opinion :smiley:


lol … no i was just saying "we all get along … " is a myth :’(


The only way to ensure everybody gets along is for nobody to ever speak to anybody XD I think the fact that we occasionally have little tiffs over things indicates that we’ve got a huge variety of people from different backgrounds with different beliefs and tastes. This can only be a good thing.



right … its always a good thing … to have people from different backgrounds with different beliefs and tastes … otherwise its boring.


“I liked this yoyo from company x, so all their yo-yos must be good!”


He’s been yoyoing for x amount of years…he must be awesome at yoyoing

  1. I can’t hit this trick… it must be the yo-yo.
  2. You can’t do that. It’s responsive.
  3. A lubed bearing is a bad bearing.