Common Yoyo-ing Misconceptions - Beginners, please read this!

Allrighty, if one were to patrol this forum, or any other, one would understand that many beginning players have a few confusions about yoyos and yoyoing in general. So, let’s clear some things up.

  1. I need an expensive yoyo to play well.

Many players feel the urge to get metal yoyos because they are “better”. Playing a metal yoyo is not done because it is “better” than plastic, its that they are more luxurious, and there are more of them available to fit the needs of the player.

  1. I am going to buy a yoyo that is more expensive than the one I have because it sleeps longer.

Any yoyo will sleep long enough for you to do a trick. All you need to worry about is having a good, strong, and straight throw.

  1. I want to be on Team YoyoJam or Team YoyoFactory or whatever, but I can’t find somewhere on their website to do so!

Invitation on to a yoyoing team that is run by a company (AKA a sponsorship) is an invitational process. They come to you, not the other way around. At a contest, usually, a representative from the company would approach you and offer you a sponsorship if they like your style of play and your ability.

  1. My yoyo must be broken. It isn’t coming up!

Your yoyo has become unresponsive, and it will come up if you know how to operate an unresponsive yoyo. Learn the move binding. If you don’t think you’re reading for binding yet, then put a drop of thick lube on the bearing, or tighten the yoyo a little bit to up the response.

  1. The MG is the best yoyo there is because it is the most expensive.

Firstly, the Catch-22 is the most expensive retail yoyo. Just tossing that out there. Secondly, if you showed me the Catch-22, I might dislike it greatly. It is much too small for my taste. I would probably like my Dark Magic better, because it fits the kind of yoyo I like. Which leads us to number six:

  1. Well then, what is the best yoyo? / What is the best yoyo out of these choices?

Allow me to direct your attention to this topic, written by the brilliant Samad.
The yoyo that one person thinks is incredible may be hated by other people. Since everyone has different tastes, and a yoyo cannot be, say, heavy and light or big and small at the same time, no yoyo is perfect or better than another one.

  1. One yoyoer is better than another.

For a similar reason, this question doesn’t really work either. Personally, I think Guy Wright is the best yoyoer to ever walk the face of the earth, there I said it. This is because I love his style and his inventiveness and such. However, you could not compare him to somebody like André or JD or even Augie Fash, because they’re just so different. Augie is a speedy sort of player, but Guy is more methodical and smooth in his slower style.

So, just look these over, I hope that they’ve cleared some things up, and happy throwing!!


I was so happy when I read number 2. And number 6 just topped it.

I was so happy with the plastic yoyo contest by Jayyo… This will clear up number 1 ;D

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Yeah, but think of this: When we really played the preference card all the time and people were still looking for the “best” yoyo, they started making a big bunch of “what’s the best yoyo in your opinion” posts. So it’s better to just help out when we can, be nice and keep the friendly ness going. I have failed with a lot lately. People are just grinding my gears these days. A holiday will do good.


Good point, never noticed. To help, we should sticky this and Samad’s thing about what the best beginner’s yo-yo is and up post.

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