Mystery pack ordered

I went with the mystery shipped option. Just wondering, what have they been in previous years?? And what the hell am I gonna do with a spin top?!?!

Last year was a Bi-metal Superstar if I’m not mistaken.

They say “$50” value. Superstar bimetal was more than that. Hmmm

Expand your horizons man, learn to throw a spin top.

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Hahaha :joy::joy::joy:

We are working on some spin top tutorials soon. :slight_smile:


As a change of pace it may be worth a shot. My dad talks all the time about going to spin top corner tests when he was young in like 50s&60s lol

I just ordered one… What was everything in the pack besides for 2016 superstar?

Last years worlds pack was a metal replay, clear replay pro, a bag, and a bearing. Personally I really liked it but I know of some who weren’t super impressed…

The 2016 superstar was an addition to the standard mystery box. You had to buy an a or b box, to be able to buy the superstar on top of it. A had a dogma and too hot whereas b had an aviator and chezpoint? Cyborg? I don’t actually remember…

I think it was an aviator 2 and an aluminum dream if I’m not mistaken

there we go! That’s what it was!

Your dad sounds like a pretty cool guy!
You can take your YYE spin top and hang out at the corner, maybe start a thing.

Last year, the Worlds mystery pack came with a Metal Replay Pro, a clear plastic Replay Pro, tote bag, and a bearing, along with some stickers and trading cards.

Spin tops…They’re fun, sadly it seems like its a lost art. Can’t wait to see the YYE tutorials, I have a couple Spintastics tops (A Blizzard bearing tip and a fixed tip Trompo Grande).

The other mystery box being referenced came in November, “A Box” came with a Too Hot and Dogma, “B Box” came with Aviator 2 and Aluminum Dream. The “X Box” came with the Superstar.

I used to be able to spin a top like a champ (well, not a real champ) in high school. Last time I tried, I found that it was not like riding a bike, for me at least. Couldn’t get the timing right.

My spin top experience started as a kid, had bought a cheap wooden one, took me forever to learn it. My friend had it down in minutes as when he was in Mexico, he had his share of the “trompo experience”. He had taught me how to wind it and throw. Currently I still remember what he had taught me, but that’s about all I can do. My aim is so-so, had managed to land the top on a park swing once (as it wouldn’t spin in tan bark and wanted to get a pic of it spinning).

whatever the mystery yoyo is it should prove to be interesting. Its been about a year and a half now since i ordered a new yoyo that i havent designed. This should be very interested getting to play with other peoples designs again.

^ I don’t get it…you design yoyo’s and order them for yourself? :-\

I sold all my yoyos and so the only yoyos i have are the ones i designed myself… i couldnt afford to get other peoples yoyos for the longest time.

I got a titanium shutter in my pack!