Worlds peeps {Mystery Pack spoiler alert}

Whoever is there, what’s the mystery in the pack?? Can’t wait until Saturday to find out!!

Special Edition YYE Replay Pro

Short Circuit YYF Spin Top

YYE Bean Bag

D10 Unreleased YoYo

Also, the 2 titanium shutters were already given away, one of them belonging to me.


Hows the D10, im super curious?

Pretty nice. Feels comfortable in hand, and has a beautiful shape. A little bit of vibes, but I’m sure people can tune it out. I’ve only seen it in blue and gold

What’s the d10?

Is it Nate Dailey’s signature?

Also, fingerspin cup? Yes? No?

Photos of the pack??

yeah man we need some pictures

Photos please, I have only seen portions of it, I know it’s got a Chief-like double rim design and that it’s a V shape.

Not really, no.

Here’s some photos:

Sadly, you won’t be recieving the Ti shutter in your box. Sorry.

Oops completely forgot the special edition replay.

Why won’t anyone else be receiving a titanium Shutter? Has the second one already been claimed?

Yes. I saw a kid walking around with the other one.

yea YYE said both had been found. Funny to see a footbag again. Brings back memories.
Gonna skip the contest today in favor for seeing the city with my wife doing touristy things.

I must say Cleveland is really nice!

the pictures make me kind of regret getting a mystery pack. I shouldve ordered a Magic Stealth instead for the same price…DOH!

It’s still a great deal though! Tons of great stuff for a great price! Be positive about your purchase :wink: give it a fair chance.

Did you get the Tundra Dust? How you liking it if you did? Going to try to get one online tonight.

For sure. Replay and beanbag will make great stocking stuffers