Wasn't the mystery pack for Worlds supposed to have 2 yoyo's


As the title says, wasn’t it supposed to have 2 metals in it? I got just the one.

(Steve Brown) #2

There should be a PopStar tucked in the top of the Cypher box.


I didn’t get a popstar, I only got the cypher and other misc items. I got my mystery pack shipping delayed and got it last week, and sent them an email right away, they still haven’t responded and so I came here as a last resort. What should I do if they aren’t replying to emails?

(Steve Brown) #4

They who? YoYoExpert?

Email contact@yoyoexpert.com with your name and order number and let them know the problem.


I did last week :v


Sorry to hear there was an issue with your mystery box! We typically respond to every email we get within a matter of hours, have you checked your spam folder? Sometimes they get sent there.

It looks like we have not received any email from the email address linked in your profile - did you use a different email address? Send me a pm and let me know - I will have someone contact you through the correct email.



I had a missing popstar too! YYE got it sorted out for me though, I’m sure they’ll get yours fixed too.