Can Somone help me.

I don’t get how to do this mystery box thing. This is the first year I’m able to buy one but I don’t know how. I just made the Instagram account and followed yoyoexpert. So now do I just wait for a email telling me I’m able to buy one now or is it somthing else please help?

Did you read this?

When the announcement comes, you need to get on the store site noted in the announcement to make your purchase. Timing is critical.

Ya I read that. I’m just confused because this Is the first year I’m able to do this are they gonna send me an email or do somthing on Instagram or am I just gonna have to keep checking yoyoexpert.

Can anyone answer me?

Someone did.

So do I just wait until they send me a email or do I do somthing on Instagram because I’ve already made a Instagram account and followed yoyoexpert.

This answers ALL the questions that need to be answered:

I’m guessing they will just post a picture on instagram with a countdown clock on it (or maybe just a picture that announces it is time), which will announce that it is time to head over to the mystery box page. Until that time comes just keep refreshing instagram I guess. I am not really sure how instagram works, so you may not need to refresh it because it might just notify you since you already followed them. Good luck. :wink:

thanks guys

They posted it it gave you a time frame and then they will either post another post saying the exact timeframe or you will just have to monitor the website for the countdown clock

dont have to be a jerk. He is obviously confused. If all you have is an unhelpful comment , save it.

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If he would had followed the handily provided links, his confusion would have ended sooner.

We need to stop with the handling of everyone with kid gloves all the time. People also need to stop being lazy.

True! but It did seem slightly mean but at least the problem got solved