Mystery box?

So I have $70 in YYE certificates now, and I was wondering if you guys think I should go for the YYF x YYE mystery box, or buy a little bit higher priced yoyo. Let me know what you think!

Its not the greatest question.

Its like gambling vs secure investment.

Mystery can be anything.

Let the details come of mystery box like how much will it s worth be like 45$ price and stuff worth 100$.

But yeah wait for details.

Hope this helps.

I think it’s gonna be 40-50 for a 40-65 yoyo and something they have overstock of to make it a deal based on msrp. I’ll buy one or two.

Well the worlds pack comes with a one run never to be be released yoyo sooooo

Well, if I was unhappy I would call them to explain why i am unhappy. That gives them a chance to fix my order. No one wants yo yo’s that are supposed to be collectible to find out they were mass marketed to all the distributors. I hope they would make people happy to not has returns. I am excited to get one.

peace people

Sorry, but that’s not how the mystery box thing works. As noted above, it’s a bit of a gamble.
Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances…

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Well, if they don’t resolve it one of 2 things will happen. One less order for a Mystery Box and second losing customer. It would be in their best interest to resolve the problem or accept a return for refund. Today customer is cash and King. I don’t want mass marketed stuff when they lead you to believe it is so collectible. I am not looking to argue. There other yo yo companies out there plus an auction place to buy from and KNOW what I am getting.

Your logic is flawed in this instance.

Jhb is correct.


If you bought a raffle ticket and didn’t win would you ask for your money back???


I’m confused… Are you unhappy with the Mystery Box you purchased or is this just a hypothetical?

If you actually purchased a Mystery Box and are unhappy with what you received just send us an email or give us a call and we can sort it out.

If you didn’t purchase a Mystery Box and this is simply a hypothetical then there’s no need to worry. I give you my personal guarantee that we will make you, our imaginary unhappy customer, very happy.