Mystery Box #3 - Buyers Club - YoYoFactory x YoYoExpert!

The wait is finally over and the next Buyers Club Mystery Box is upon us available starting TONIGHT at 8PM EST!

For this THIRD release of Mystery Boxes we have a box worthy of a true champion! Each box contains a completely NEW release from YoYoFactory and is guaranteed to contain at least 1 metal yo-yo!
* NOTE: there is a maximum of one box per customer. These are extremely limited… Once they are gone they are gone and we will not be able to restock.

Below you can find a link to countdown to release which happens at exactly 8 PM EST (5PM PST). There is a maximum of one box per customer.

  • This is an advance order. Mystery Box orders will ship starting Tuesday December 12th!

I just ordered one if I ordered stuff with it will that ship sperately or with it on the 12th

Will ship all together! Awesome! Hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:

Got mine yesterday and it is a nice collection!

I don’t want to spoil things too much for those who will be receiving their package in the coming days, but I have a question about the plastic yo-yo (specifics withheld to keep it a mystery :)). It does not sleep at all. Even if I drop it instead of throwing it, it bounces right back up with no tug on my part. The string seems to be very tightly held between the spacers. I am new to this style but my understanding was that this is not how it’s supposed to work.

Is this expected, is there something wrong with my hardware, or am I doing it wrong personally?


They’re looping yoyos. They have an adjustable response system: the tighter you screw it, the smaller the gap, and the less it sleeps. Trust me, I got a mystery box too. :wink:

(also, for curiosity’s sake, the “metal yoyo”, what color did you get? Mine was grey body with black caps)

Thanks for the reply (and also thanks to Raysion05 who sent me a PM). I imagine everyone should have received their packages by now so I’m not worried about spoilers any more…

Yeah, I know they’re looping yo-yos and that they should be responsive, but my understanding was they should be able to sleep a bit to do tricks like Around the World and these didn’t sleep at all. What I was missing was that it’s normal/expected to leave them not-fully-tightened. Would a typical thrower customize the gap width to a specific routine, or do folks pick a specific width for their personal preference and stick with it forever? Do folks write down the gap that they like to make sure they can dial it back in and keep it consistent between the two yo-yos?

Anyway, it’s fun learning a new style ;D

I got a beautiful blue color, the same as this poster from reddit: I’m glad I didn’t get the your color because I got a black and grey Basecamp Navigator from box #2:

They have a pretty narrow gap, maybe try a different string with them. They are definitely not designed for use with a fatter string.