mystery box 2013/2014 combo

We got duplicates last year and an accidental extra this year (computer froze so I didn’t think the first purchase went thru). I would love to trade my box - 8 card packs, tool, black and red kendaya, black plastic Gentry Stein, red metal Hiroyuki suzuki, Victor Gravinsky gold and clear metal and plastic Protozoa, second Protostar - for any two yoyos off my son’s Christmas list -
Yoyo factory dv888 light blue
Yoyo factory monster blue splashed grey
Yoyo factory cyborg blue with green with grey
Yoyo factory super wide
Yoyo factory proton pink and blue
Yoyo factory h.o.t. blue and pink
Yoyo factory shutter aqua
Capricorn pink and black